My Resolutions Day 306

Friday 24 November 2017

I managed to sleep from about 09:00 to 16:00, so I got around seven hours sleep. I want to try and get up earlier tomorrow so I will either try and get an early night tonight or stay up all night and day tomorrow.

I went on Worms Battlegrounds today with my brothers and a friend. It’s not a bad game but when a worm which in normal situations would bounce off the wall and into the water sticks to the wall is annoying. I lost count of how many times a worm should have fallen but stuck to a vertical wall.

I will be trying to finish the first part of a short story tonight. I don’t know if it will be four chapters or just four parts of a single chapter story, it depends on how long the parts turn out to be. I hope to write at least the first part to see how the outline I made for it holds. I think it will make a good story, which is strange for me to think.

My back is still in pain, I am trying to do my exercises as lightly as I can. I am not sure what I can do to help my back aside from exercise. The painkillers obviously just dull the pain a little and not get rid of the cause. I’m starting to think that I will never get better from in unless something surgical comes up which I doubt will.

Push ups: 30
Sit ups: 30
Handgrips: 02 sets of 25 – 50
Walking: 0001 steps – 00:00:01 Time taken


Join Me

Pages 311 – 311

Not read today.

A Place Called Perfect

Pages 295 – 295

Not read today.


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