My Resolutions Day 297

Wednesday 15 November 2017

I woke up at 13:00 today. I couldn’t sleep until around 06:00 so while I did get seven hours sleep, I couldn’t sleep early. I hope it’s easier to get back into a different sleeping pattern since I’ve done it.

I went on Shadow Of War again and have managed to get to stage nine of the shadow wars. I have to defend three fortresses and then the next stage I have to defend all four fortresses. After that, I get the true ending. It’s a slog, it’s boring having to watch the orcs fight in the fighting pits, I wish they’d replace it with a skip button so if I don’t want to have to watch them, I can just get the results and get to defending the fortress.

I managed to write a little last night, I posted a sample of it in another post today which is here: Short Horror Sample. I hope to write a little more tonight, maybe finish a poem.

I don’t know what I’ll be doing after posting this and writing, I might go back on Shadow Of War but I might just watch a movie. I do have some games on my PC I haven’t played, maybe I’ll have a look at them.

Push ups: 30
Sit ups: 30
Handgrips: 02 sets of 25 – 50
Walking: 0001 steps – 00:00:01 Time taken


Join Me

Pages 311 – 311

Not read today.

A Place Called Perfect

Pages 295 – 295

Not read today.


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