My Resolutions Day 295

Monday 13 November 2017

I woke up at 12:00 today.

I didn’t do much again today and I doubt I will until I’m out of pain. I take painkillers and just lie in bed or if I can, sit in my chair so I can use my desktop.

I have planned out a little more of a story and hope to plan it all out fully by the end of the week.

I will probably either try to write out some posts or play a few PC games tonight.

Push ups: 30
Sit ups: 30
Handgrips: 02 sets of 25 – 50
Walking: 0150 steps – 00:01:07 Time taken


Join Me

Pages 311 – 311

Not read today.

A Place Called Perfect

Pages 295 – 295

Not read today.


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