My Resolutions Day 279

Saturday 28 October 2017

I woke up at 09:00 AM today.

I helped out with my niece, just keeping an eye on her.

I managed to write a little bit, I finished chapter 02, I might be able to start posting the story on Monday. I am wondering if I’ll be able to keep posting the story, the chapters will be short and I have an ending planned, however, the journey from start to finish might be long. I have no idea if I’ll be able to keep with it, I don’t want to start posting it when I might stop posting it. I want to do a lot of things and I’m thinking about how much time this’ll take. I started writing it as a way to write something short in-between writing other stories. Now I’m thinking about how long it might take to complete, will I still be writing it in five years? I don’t want to get halfway and then either stop or write the ending in a rushed way.

It’s something I’ve been thinking about this evening. I want to write a few novels and a few short stories, posting them might take a while, since it can take a few weeks to write a chapter, maybe even a month. With a shorter chapter story, I can write one or two chapters a week and have something quick to write in-between other stories. When I think about how long the story will be in the long run, I’m wondering if I think I can keep up with it, so I’m wondering if I should start at all.

What do you think?

Push ups: 30
Sit ups: 30
Handgrips: 02 sets of 25 – 50
Walking: 2570 steps – 00:24:51 Time taken


Join Me

Pages 311 – 311

Not read today.

A Place Called Perfect

Pages 295 – 295

Not read today.