My Resolutions Day 185

Wednesday 26 July 2017

Well, I feel a little better today; still don’t feel 100% but I’m sure I’ll be better tomorrow. I felt well enough to do my exercises. I did double the amount of them today, one set in the afternoon, and then one in the evening.

The question I posted today as part of the blogging challenge got me thinking about what I would put on my bucket list. I might give it a go and think of a few things to put on there.

I’m thinking of making a new work schedule for writing, maybe see if I can do it even when I don’t feel like it, most of the time I can do it even if I don’t want to but sometimes I feel too tired or down to do it. My OCD can stop me sometimes too, but lately, I’ve managed to keep it under control.

I went on Crash Bandicoot again last night, tried to get that gem on Stormy Ascent, a level which can still go fuck itself. I went onto Crash Bandicoot Warped after and did some more time trails, I only need seven more gold relics now. I played on Diablo 3 at about 20:00 as my friend just came on and wondered if I was up for it. We are so overpowered on that game right now, the right skills used in tandem and the right items and you can’t be stopped.

Push ups: 60
Sit ups: 20
Handgrips: 04 sets of 25 – 100
Walking: 0001 steps – 00:00:01 Time taken


Join Me

Pages 311 – 311

Not read today.

Prince Of Thorns

Pages 117 – 117

Not read today.

On A Pale Horse

Pages 191 – 191

Not read today.

Short Stories by Philip K Dick

Pages 35 – 35

Not read today.


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