My Resolutions Day 171

Wednesday 12 July 2017

I completed Crash 2 last night; I’ve managed to get all by four gems so I will be trying to complete that at some point either tonight or tomorrow. I talked to a friend I hadn’t spoken too for a couple of months, we were both playing Crash 2, so we were just talking about what we think of the game and what each other has been up to.

I wrote out more of the short horror story, I think it’s about two thirds done. Then I’ll be going through to edit it, so I’ll hopefully have something to post by the end of the month, but with how ill and/or lazy I can be, I have no idea if that’ll happen.

I managed to write without much trouble from my OCD. Which means that I managed to write and get about an hour done, which means that I got a lot written today.

Push ups: 30
Sit ups: 10
Handgrips: 02 sets of 25 – 50
Walking: 0001 steps – 00:00:01 Time taken


Join Me

Pages 311 – 311

Not read today.

Prince Of Thorns

Pages 117 – 117

Not read today.

On A Pale Horse

Pages 191 – 191

Not read today.

Short Stories by Philip K Dick

Pages 35 – 35

Not read today.


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