My Resolutions Day 121

Tuesday 23 May 2017

I managed to come up with a faster way to edit. It should cut my time in about half, so hopefully soon I can start to upload some episodes. I finished Are You Dave Gorman? and it’s a fun book. I’m trying to get rid of some of my bad habits, it’s OCD, I’ve read that OCD might be caused by an overactive habit system. You can make habits easy but you can’t get rid of them easily. I’ve been focusing on trying to get better habits, I’ve managed to do well I think so far. My OCD gets in the way of my reading and writing, the fact I’ve finished that book now is due to the fact I’ve been getting better at least a little bit.

Exercise – I did 10 push ups today.


Steps – 2620
Time – 00:44:50


01 sets of 25 – 25


Are You Dave Gorman?

Pages 321 – 374

They managed to meet them. 54 David Gorman’s. It’s weird seeing them finish the adventure. It took me a while but I finally finished the book. It was fun.

Prince Of Thorns

Pages 97 – 97

Not read today.

On A Pale Horse

Pages 191 – 191

Not read today.

Short Stories by Philip K Dick

Pages 35 – 35

Not read today.


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