My Resolutions Day 107

Tuesday 09 May 2017

I played Skyrim and managed to get past the opening act, now to explore. I expect that I’ll get sidetracked with the side quests again, however, I will try to complete the main story, maybe just using the side quests to level up if needed. I’m going to watch some movies tonight, I was going to edit some more, but I think I’ll take the night off, there is a lot of editing, but since we have a backlog and we didn’t have a system yet, I have to listen to it again and find the parts where to edit.

I’ve been exercising, maybe at the end of the month even if I don’t see any results I will continue if I feel better.


Steps – 2382
Time – 00:32:05


01 sets of 25 – 25


Are You Dave Gorman?

Pages 233 – 233

Not read today.

Prince Of Thorns

Pages 97 – 97

Not read today.

On A Pale Horse

Pages 191 – 191

Not read today.

Short Stories by Philip K Dick

Pages 35 – 35

Not read today.


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