My Resolutions Day 99

Monday 01 May 2017

I got to level ten in COD 4, I forgot about the helicopter that appears in level six, when it appeared I remembered that little bastard. I’m on veteran difficulty as hardened is too easy. There are some parts which get really hard, but compared to the rest of the game it’s just a quick difficulty spike. I wouldn’t mind so much until I noticed that the helicopter isn’t the one firing, it’s a man. Just one normal enemy who hold a handheld weapon, not mounted on the helicopter, nope, which he can fire with massive damage and accuracy. That seems weird, that it’s guy some guy with skills so good he takes the place of a machine, or since if you can kill him, a few seconds later a new man takes his place, maybe a line of infinite skilled marksmen machines… markchines.

I’ve finally got a server set up for my backups. All those files, I’ve no idea how I got so many, most of them are backups of DVD’s. It has backups of my sites and files too.

As for the exercise, I did what any sane man would do, remove any temping thing that is in the fridge or anywhere else in the house. I only had a few sweets lying around, so I ate them over the day. Not what you’d call the best start for getting fit, but it depends how you look at it, you might see it as eating food that’s bad for you, I see it as removing temptations in a satisfying way, while saving money. I’ll remove things that are considered bad for your diet. I will have a month without fizzy drinks and junk food. Exercise wise, I was thinking on which ones I can do, as I have back problems, so it’s not like I can just start lifting weights, so I’m thinking flexibility exercises. Anything that can get my back into shape, that can give me a wider range of movement and allow me to get to the point where some weight lifting might be less painful. If it helps me out, then I’ll keep it going, this month is just to see if it’s possible for me to do that, I do so much that sometimes I cut out exercises, also I can feel sick.


Steps – 2262
Time – 00:28:55


01 sets of 25 – 25


Are You Dave Gorman?

Pages 204 – 204

Not read today.

Prince Of Thorns

Pages 97 – 97

Not read today.

On A Pale Horse

Pages 191 – 191

Not read today.

Short Stories by Philip K Dick

Pages 35 – 35

Not read today.


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