My Resolutions Day 18

Friday 10 Feb 2017

I didn’t do much today, once again left the day to pass. I just tried to sleep which I think I managed to get a few hours, time has a way of getting away from you when you don’t get much sleep and I have no idea if it was even sleep and not just some state of half asleep and half awake. I have no idea what I should do when like this, it seems that nothing helps, so I just take the day as it comes, maybe I’ll figure something out, I hope I’ll find something that helps me.

Resolutions are still doing fine.


Steps – 2349
Time – 00:36:38


01 sets of 25 – 25


Are You Dave Gorman?

Pages 173 – 191

It seems that Danny is going to meet some Danny Wallace’s to get away from Dave Gorman’s, while it seems Dave is seeing this bet more important that the money he’s spending.

Prince Of Thorns

Pages 47 – 47

Not read today.


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