What I Want And The Answer That I Found – Part 01 – The Answer

I asked myself “What do I want?” I wondered what I did want. Have I ever asked myself what I really wanted?

Since I thought about it I realized I never really asked myself that question, never thought about it too deeply, never sat down and thought it through.

So I sat down in silence and thought about it, I meditated on it for a while. I think I came to an answer that I’m happy with.

I want to make people happy and help people and enjoy my life when doing it.

It might be something everyone wants too, it might not be something that surprising, it might be something that I have always wanted. Now I have an answer in front of me.

I can now think of steps that I can take to get to my goals. I’ll be thinking on these for a few days. When I think of them I will follow them.


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