My Resolutions Day 12

Friday 03 Feb 2017

Every had too much of something and regret it later? That happened to me tonight. My brother likes ice cream milkshakes but won’t make them on his own, seems like he always wants me there before he does something. This means that usually, I’ll have one as well, however, as delicious as ice cream blended with Maltesers is, it seems to come back and give you pain a few hours later, I doubt it’s the bring itself and my body being its usual sick self. Doesn’t make stomach pain any better, though.

I really should look into what makes me sick, but since I’m sick all the time I figured I’d just enjoy what I usually can’t because you can’t really get annoyed at throwing up after eating something that usually makes you sick when you’re already throwing up, right?

I figured out what I need to do over the weekend, which is to find out what I want to do, what I want to do with my life, what exactly do I want? I never really truly asked myself this. I will think hard on it, and once I have an answer, I’ll take steps towards it.

My resolutions are still going well, I have had a few days of not fully walking outside or not reading, I won’t let that deter me, though.


Steps – 01
Time – 00:00:01


12 sets of 25 – 300


Are You Dave Gorman?

Pages 145 – 147

Only read two more pages, but in those two pages their trip to New York has been ruined, they should learn to check things before.

Prince Of Thorns

Pages 47 – 47

Not read today.


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