My Resolutions Day 09

Tuesday 31 Jan 2017

I had another bad night, sleep seems to allude me much lately. I’ve been trying to get some things started, but trying to start anything on days of no sleep is like fighting a battle against a gun with a leaf. I want to read and write but my OCD can annoy me to the point of completely stopping until it’s calmed down.

I didn’t read any Prince Of Thorns because my OCD made me re-read the same sentence like 30 times before I put it down. I will come back to it later.

My resolutions have been going well, I’ve managed to do them and the exercise is making me feel a little better.


Steps – 2561
Time – 00:35:35


12 sets of 25 – 300


Are You Dave Gorman?

Pages 94 – 109

It seems like Danny is worried how far this will go, more so because of his girlfriend. I am wondering how this will affect their lives in the long run.

Prince Of Thorns

Pages 11 – 11


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