My resolutions – Day 03

Wednesday 25th Jan 2017


Steps – 2411
Time – 00:37:32


12 sets of 25 – 300


Are You Dave Gorman?

Pages 08 – 19

The book has started the main plot, Dave Gorman and Danny Wallace have made a bet and are going to meet more Dave Gormans. So far the writing style’s entertaining, switching between Dave and Danny, Dave writing in bold and Danny non-bold font.

I’m stopping reading for tonight, my OCD is making it hard. I think my pain medication exacerbates it, making it go from a 10/10 struggle to an 11/10 full blown battle.

This site will be more person, however, with reading, I’ll post what I’m writing about her and BehindSplitBreakFracture, that’s because I will be writing reviews for the novels and post them to SplitBreakFracture, and since BehindSplitBreakFracture focuses on what I do with SplitBreakFracture makes sense.


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