Challenging myself

I think challenging yourself is something everyone should do every once and a while. It can help you with many things, getting fitter, learning faster, being productive, etc.

I was laying in my bed wondering what I could do at 23:00 when I remembered I have handgrips. I got down from my bed and picked up both, lay down again and started using them. I thought every night and/or every morning I’ll just use them, I’ll keep them on my shelf by my bed. When I see them when I wake or an hour or so before I sleep I’ll use them. I don’t know how many I should do all together, but I can manage 25 at a time before taking a 10 to 20 second rest before doing 25 again. I’ll try for 200, 8 sets of 25, but I will at least do 1 set.

So, this is another exercise along with my walking. I feel that doing a few challenges will help me out, it will keep me fitter in my state of sickness and give me a distraction from my overactive mind, which can at times be useful, although at other times not.


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