Resolute Resolutions

To be resolute in resolutions. Redundant? A little, but how many resolutions fall through?

Resolute – To be determined and unwavering.

Resolution – The firm decision to not do or do something.

So, I’m going to be determined and unwavering in my firm decision to not do or do something. That’s double the resolution I am going to have.

I never considered having any resolutions for this year. Mainly because I never do them, they seem fine at first, you have them written down and you look at them and think “This year I’ll do them.” Then a few weeks later I’ve stopped doing them. It has happened many times.

I can’t remember how many resolutions of mine have fallen through, even the little ones just petered away.

Maybe I don’t have the will, maybe I just made a few excuses and that turned into me just using that excuse every day.

I have heard many ways that you can make resolutions easier.

Some people just go for it, throw all their resolutions into a list and do it. They will put “Lose weight” on their list and will lose weight, they will not eat junk food, exercise and eat healthily. They must have iron wills, my will is most likely make of a biscuit… which has fallen into tea… and dissolved.

Some people have a small number of resolutions, maybe just one, like “Lose weight”, or two, like “Lose weight” and “Save money”, this means they just focus on a few resolutions. This seems to work for some people as smaller goals seem easier to obtain. Even if the goal is larger than some, it’s still only one or two goals to achieve. This makes it feel easier for people to get and so they only choice a few.

Some people will have a resolution for every month. Like “Lose weight” for January, “Save money” for February and “Get out more” for March. This means that you only have to focus on one goal every month.

These all seem like good ways and you pick the one that works for you. I don’t know if these ones will work for me, so I decided to try and do things my own way.

I’ve heard that people can change their life in one year. Can I do the same? Get to where I want to be? Be happier? Somehow get to a different place from where I currently am?

A side project of mine is to document my progress on a blog. I will carefully think on what I want to achieve this year and write them down. I will try and find ways that help me. I’ll keep going even if I fail and see it through to the end, it will take more than a stumble and excuses to stop me this time.


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